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Schools have become "Global Villages" and the student communities are its global citizens. It's imperative to provide qualitative education par excellence and to maintain a safe and secure environment amidst all the complexities and diversities.

We at IIS, endeavor to provide our students with an academically sound, inspiring, confident, prolific and safe environment that nurtures them to attain their highest potential.

The benchmark standards set by us mould them in becoming lifelong learners with an inquisitive mind, exploring attitude and diversified creative skills that finds practical application in real life situations. True to our motto IIS aims to provide holistic education with global standards and strives to inspire the child to explore and binge in the joy of learning.

The tentacles of technology has pervaded all areas of life including education. To enhance the quality of classroom teaching and learning process and to provide a virtual learning experience for our students, we have integrated technology and its range of application across the learning spaces.

Our emphasis is to prepare children to become independent and spontaneous learners, to identify and nurture their latent talents and to channelize their youthful energies in the right direction. The conducive schooling environment shapes and hones the student's analytical, logical and creative thinking. Life skills and value-based education makes them responsible individuals humane in thought, word and deed.

Present day education scenario cannot complete its full circle of 360° without the significant support and participation from the parents. The success of the classroom teaching can yield its true benefits only if educational institutions successfully encompass the three dimensional participation which includes the School, Students & the parents.

The role of parents in shaping a child's future cannot be overlooked as they are their children's primary educators. Undoubtedly when the School and the home work in tandem in shaping and guiding our children they will emerge from their cocoon as exquisite butterflies that can soar high with confidence and ecstasy.

Let's join in our endeavor to preserve the smiles on the faces of the children by providing a happy schooling atmosphere where Knowledge and Values travel together in the journey of life-long education.

With Love & Regards,