♦ At IIS, our primary focus is to develop tomorrow’s professionals today. We enable the students to strengthen their academic foundation and inculcate a sense of all round discipline by creating a salubrious environment that kindles knowledge and brings an insight to the promising academic enlightenment in the minds of the students. This serves as a platform to hone their inquisitive and analytical thinking process to reach greater heights in future.

♦ IIS strives to emerge as a qualitative leader in the field of world class education by providing optimum opportunities for the staff and students to identify and manifest their potential and thereby metamorphose them into global leaders in a true sense.

♦ IIS Quality Policy encourages team spirit or a systematic work culture among the staff and provides student friendly, safe, healthy and secular environment by monitoring, evaluating, correcting and incessantly improving the systems and procedures adapted to progress towards IIS Vision of “CREATING TOP CLASS GLOBAL LEADERS.”