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As a Vice President and Treasurer, I'm pleased with the appreciations and friendly responses from the parents and my beloved students for having chosen IIS. It has been a mission in my life to make high quality education available, accessible and affordable to both the local and vast Indian nationals staying overseas.

IIS has been an institution for a new cohort of ideal trendsetters, who will continue to surface our nation's way for superior and intelligent prospects.

The Educational Design, Methodology, Infrastructure and Systems adopted in IIS focus entirely on the holistic development of the child. I believe, the highly motivated and well trained teaching faculty and the intellectual environment coupled with the serene beauty will undoubtedly be the ideal destination you can choose for your child.

Dear parents, IIS will bestow and foster a life of abundance and choice for your child. I am happy to welcome your child to the family of IIS and extend my wholehearted wishes for every student of IIS in all their endeavours.

With Love and Wishes,


Vice President and Treasurer